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Rosie Fortescue wearing our Ritual earcuff. 


We've been developing a new collection..

Here's a few behind the scenes snaps of a day of messy development..

Paradise Costume Commission

For the 3rd year running we were asked to collaborate in creating costumes for DC10's infamous night Paradise run by Jamie Jones and Hot Creations. The first year we make gold metallic breastplates and a couple of variations. The second year it was full in mirrored dresses, tops, belt and cuffs, this year we went one up again and collaborated on the whole she band.

I worked closely with stylist Kim Nolan who had a clear vision of colours, style and looks for the dancers and over the course of a couple of months we came up with line up of designs for the Future Tribe of dancers which combined paneled tattoo like leotards, leggings and crops with modern tribal patterns in mirrored and fluro acrylic. These pieces were hand stitched onto the costumes to create costume/jewellery in one or joined with extra strong jump rings to make stunning tops and dresses.

Working Sketch while planning out colours..

Making of..

Finished pieces

Thank you to Renata, Sophie and Alessandra who assisted on this project :-) xx